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The SUNLAB, housed at the University of Ottawa’s new Advanced Research Complex, is Canada’s premier research group focused on advancing photovoltaic optoelectronics and systems, encompassing four main research directions:

  1. photovoltaic device design, simulation and characterization, including ultra-high efficiency multi-junction solar cells, new photovoltaic materials and structures, and photonic power converters for power over fiber and optically-isolated power;
  2. photovoltaic systems simulation and measurement, including concentrated photovoltaic solar power systems analysis and performance monitoring;
  3. photovoltaic nanogrids, including intelligent control systems and battery integration within smart grids;
  4. solar resource modeling and measurement.

Visit the Lab Facilities and Solar Test Sites webpages for more information on the university's equipment and experimental capabilities.

A visit of the SUNLAB outside test sites and laboratory facilities is included in this tour. The evening will be rounded off with a buffet dinner, giving plenty of time for discussions.

Date:  Wednesday, May 03
Time:  6:15 pm
Fee:    35 Can$ (including dinner, pre-registration is required)
                (approx. 26 US$ as of February 2017)

Deadline for registration is April 10.

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